Magic rooms

It moves me to observe people looking at something or someone. Perhaps it is because I identify with the person that stops to contemplate that which has caught their attention. I find that the attitude of observing the unknown and following it with the gaze reveals individuals as they truly are, stripped of their emotional armour and identifying clothes. Magic Rooms is my first photographic incursion on this theme and a small ode to contemplation.
This series of photographs is situated in a singular context: a fair of video art exhibited in the rooms of a hotel (LOOP, Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Barcelona, 2009 y 2010). A labyrinth of corridors and bedrooms submerged in the darkness required for displaying the work. An enclosed space whose only windows to the exterior are fictions of light and movement. And it is that veil that separates fiction and reality that fades until it disappears into the shadows that envelop everything. The privacy associated with the idea of a bedroom contrasts with the presence of a public that circulates freely into every corner of the hotel. The spaces are shared and the concept of intimacy is redefined. Ultimately, the visitors are strangers that find themselves in the same bed, sharing a sofa or hiding in the same bathroom. Everyone visible under the half light of the video projections. Everyone submerged in the contemplation of the works.