Contemplatio (2012) is a project that turns around an idea: how we look and relate to museums. The moments of calm, intimacy and contemplation that occur in these spaces fascinates me. I have the impression that we forget our concerns and everyday fears when we put our attention and curiosity in anything that awakens our senses. My priority is the person who is facing the object of knowledge, whether it’s a work of art, an archaeological relic, or a scientific phenomenon. In other words, their reactions at the time of the real and direct contact with the object. The series that I am presenting is focused on the visitors of the Museum of Ceramics of Barcelona in front of the objects of the collection, and they are the last visual record of the Museum in the Palace of Pedralbes.

A selection of 42 pictures conformed a photographic installation in the rooms of the Museum. Each picture was located where it was token and this played a game of presences and absences with the views of the room. The visitor, looking at the “other” visitor of the photography, could feel as reflected in a mirror. (You can see more images of the exhibition in Installation views).